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One secret to designing a great kitchen is to account for your storage needs and desires in the initial planning phase. A storage plan will address how often you cook, entertain and use your kitchens and for what activities. A great kitchen must not only look out of this world, it also must incorporate the best functionality that meets your needs. Too often, however, homeowners in Dayton, OH area do not invest the necessary time and resources that they need and want to obtain the functionality that makes using the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. In fact, national surveys report that the number one regret of homeowners who recently created a new kitchen is not investing in adequate storage.

Storage and organizational systems have become even more important due to the multifunctional roles kitchens serve for homeowners in Dayton, OH area. The kitchen is the center of family activity. A well-designed kitchen is a well-organized kitchen. Having a place for everything and everything having its place improves your family’s well-being and lifestyle.

A recent Kitchen & Bath Business magazine survey reflects the new focus on organizational and storage system needs among homeowners including those in Dayton, OH area. The survey found:

  • A median of 60% of homeowners are requesting more storage and organization options for their kitchen projects.
  • Built-in trash/recycling is the top storage and organization choice in the kitchen.
  • Functionality is the most important consideration when selecting kitchen storage solutions.

Manufacturers also are responding to the new roles that kitchens play by developing organizational systems and tools that optimize space, increase storage capabilities, ease cleaning, and contribute to the aesthetic goals of the kitchen and home. There are pull-out and lift-up systems that make accessing stand mixers and other small appliances easier and pain-free. Spice racks and drawer organizers put the items that you want at your fingertips while maintaining a clean and clutter-free palate. Recycling systems are not only good for the environment, but they also serve to keep your kitchen clean and odor free. In-drawer and in-cabinet lighting systems not only improve the functionality and ease of use but also offer a wow factor every time a door or drawer is opened.

Many homeowners in Dayton, OH area first think of storing their kitchen utensils in a horizontal position. Vertical storage compartments for whisks, spatulas, slotted spoons, etc., make it easier for you to see and retrieve those tools. A vertical storage cabinet can often make use of small spaces that might otherwise go unused, such as spaces next to the range or kitchen sink. Vertical storage is also appropriate for cutlery. It’s not difficult to divide a drawer into small deep individual compartments for knives, forks, teaspoons, soup spoons, and salad forks.

How can today’s kitchen storage and organizational tools and design solutions make your kitchen more functional and easier and enjoyable to use? Give us a call at (937) 519-3458 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 1922 S Smithville Rd Kettering OH 45420, and let us show you can create the kitchen of your dreams.

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