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A Slab in the Back (Splash)

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How can we create a luxurious look without spending a fortune is a question that homeowners in Dayton, Ohio often ask as they are planning a dream kitchen. An advantage of relying on a professional kitchen and bath showroom is that experienced and savvy designers know how to stretch budget dollars. The backsplash is one area where homeowners in Dayton, Ohio don’t have to compromise the look, feel and luxuriousness of their dream kitchen because of budget.

Solid surface material, quartz, stone, glass and ceramics offer the ability to produce single slab backsplashes that span the length and width of a wall from the countertop to the base of the cabinets and even beyond. Pairing a solid slab backsplash in the same material as countertops can create a dramatic and bold look in a dream kitchen. Solid slab backsplashes are especially appropriate for homeowners in Dayton, Ohio who gravitate to contemporary, modern and even transitional design motifs.

Technological advances provide homeowners in Dayton, Ohio an ideal solution for a fashion forward high-performing backsplash without having to spend a fortune. Slab backsplashes offer a modern aesthetic and perfect functionality found in custom kitchens but with an extremely attractive price point.

There are slabs that check all the right boxes: anti-fingerprint, heat resistant, water repellent, mold resistant, hygienic, easy to clean and resistant to the solvents and reagents typically used for household cleaning.

If you would like to discuss how a slab backsplash can give you the look of luxury at an extremely attractive price or how to budget effectively for a kitchen renovation of your dreams, give us a call at 937-985-9135 or make an appointment to visit our showroom in person or virtually at 4794 South Dixie Drive, Ste. A, Moraine, Ohio 45439.

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