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Almost two out of every three kitchens renovated in the U.S. include an island, and that percentage holds true in Dayton, Ohio and surrounding suburbs. And for good reasons. Islands are multifunctional. Islands provide extra storage areas, serve as classrooms for children who are schooling remotely and provide additional seating for dining and entertaining. Islands improve the kitchens’ functionality by often including prep sinks, cooking spaces, refrigerated drawers, indoor grills, microwave or steam ovens, dishwashers and cooktops. Islands increase countertop space that can be used for preparing meals and many other purposes. Plus, islands often serve as a focal point for a kitchen enabling homeowners in (insert name of service territory) to make distinct and personal design statements.

Storage is the number one consideration for homeowners in the Dayton, Ohio area opting for an island in their new kitchens. Most homeowners include cabinets and/or drawers for storage; however, we also have seen an increase in open shelving as a storage option for islands.

The most common island shape in Dayton, Ohio is square or rectangular, usually between six or seven feet long. Depending on the kitchen’s size and shape, islands can be L-shaped or U-shaped. For smaller kitchens, we often recommend a peninsula. Peninsulas are three-sided. The fourth side is attached to a wall.
New Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen remodel with large kitchen island

Approximately 40% of homeowners in the Dayton, Ohio area choose a color scheme to complement main cabinets. According to a recent Houzz.com survey, the most popular colors are blue, gray and white. Another technique to create a stunning visual is the choice of countertop materials and colors. Houzz found that the most popular colors for island countertops are white, medium wood tone, gray or light or dark wood. Some homeowners in the Dayton, Ohio area select different materials for their island countertop than tops placed on cabinets. Popular choices include butcher block, granite, quartz and marble.

Lighting can make or break the look, feel and functionality of a countertop. Pendants, recessed lights, chandeliers, and natural light can provide general illumination, task lighting for meal preparation and cooking or highlight a particular focal point on the island.

What island size, shape, color and functionality is perfect for your new kitchen? Give us a call at 937-985-9135 or visit us at 4794 South Dixie Drive, Suite A, Moraine, Ohio 45439 and let us show you how your kitchen and island dreams can become a reality.

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