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Bathroom Trends

The demand for new master baths in Dayton, Ohio is increasing. Now that many families in Dayton, Ohio are spending almost all of their time at home, they have a new appreciation that a bathroom can offer so much more than function. A master bath can be a refuge from Zoom fatigue, a wellness center and a room to spend a few minutes devoid of email, texts and family members, all to yourself. That’s why the results of a recent Houzz.com bathroom trend study does not come as a surprise.

A Desire for a Makeover

Most homeowners nationally and in Dayton, Ohio want to change their master bath style when they renovate. The Houzz study found 69% of homeowners perceived their existing bath as projecting “an old and outdated look.” The primary reason homeowners in Dayton, Ohio want a complete makeover is to achieve a current vibe with clean lines. The most popular design trend is modern, favored by 20% of homeowners in the Houzz study, followed by transitional motifs (19%) and contemporary (18%). Traditional motifs were favored by 12% of homeowners, and 5% of survey respondents opted for a farmhouse design.

Health and Wellness Take Center Stage

More than 40% of renovating homeowners converted their master bath into a space for relaxation. 55% of Houzz study respondents reported that soaking in a tub helps them relax. Conversely, 54% of respondents enjoy taking long showers.

Shower appeal is growing. Nearly 50% of homeowners removed the tub during the remodel, opting for larger and multifunctional showers.

High Tech Fixtures

Nearly 50% of faucets and more than a third of toilets in renovated baths feature advanced technology that includes increased water efficiency and finger-proof finishes on faucets and self-cleaning toilet systems with heated seats.

Accentuated Spaces

Accent walls are hot in bath remodels in Dayton, Ohio. Nearly 40% of remodels cited in the Houzz study featured accent walls in the master bath. 19% of homeowners opt for an accent wall inside the shower; 18% placed an accent wall outside the shower. Using different surface materials, such as tile or stone, was the most popular method to create an accent wall in the master bath, followed by colors, patterns or textures that differ from the rest of the bath. The most popular accent wall color was blue.

Light Up Your World

80% of homeowners renovating a master bath improved their lighting, and that makes sense because lighting affects how a room looks and feels.

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