RA Cooks

Centerville Kitchen Remodel

Project Location: Washinghton Township, OH


Welcome to our beautifully designed kitchen, a space that exudes sophistication and charm from every corner. As you step into the room, you will immediately notice the stunning custom cabinets that are the centerpiece of the space. These cabinets are a true work of art, expertly crafted to create a seamless and welcoming ambiance that is both elegant and refined. Their timeless design is sure to impress, serving as a powerful representation of the enduring simplicity, versatility, and lasting appeal that you will enjoy for years to come. Whether you are preparing everyday meals or hosting a special occasion, our stunning kitchen is the perfect place to elevate your family dynamics and design decisions. So come and experience the beauty of our custom cabinetry and all the possibilities that it has to offer!

Project Completed: 2020

Custom Kitchen Remodel on Thicket Walk


This kitchen has undergone a transformation resulting in a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that caters to the unique requirements and aspirations of a single family. The redesign was guided by careful planning and strategic design choices, which has resulted in a modern yet elegant space that emanates beauty and character.


At our company, we have a highly skilled team of creative professionals who are devoted to understanding your unique vision. This allows us to create an exclusive plan to bring your dreams to life. Our design experts utilize the advanced design tools to develop comprehensive plans and 3D renderings that provide a clear picture of your project’s end result. We pride ourselves on the fusion of practicality, aesthetics, and functionality. Our designers ensure that your space is infused with creativity and a design that suits your lifestyle, leaving your home elevated aesthetically, practically, and functionally.