RA Cooks

Centerville Kitchen Remodel

Project Location: Centerville, OH


Imagine stepping into a kitchen that exudes elegance and charm, where the clean lines and classic design of white shaker cabinets create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The shaker style cabinetry is more than just a design choice; it’s a statement of simplicity, versatility, and lasting appeal that will seamlessly blend with your evolving family dynamics.

Project Completed: 2023


This kitchen has undergone a transformation resulting in a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that caters to the unique requirements and aspirations of a single family. The redesign was guided by careful planning and strategic design choices, which has resulted in a modern yet elegant space that emanates beauty and character.


With a deep understanding of your aspirations, our creative team sets to work on bringing your vision to life. Using state-of-the-art design tools, we develop detailed plans and 3D renderings that allow you to visualize the final outcome. We infuse your space with creative ideas, incorporating practicality, aesthetics, and functionality to create a design that resonates with your lifestyle and elevates your home.