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Design Ideas for Small Kitchens: Size Doesn’t Matter, Expert Kitchen Designs Do

If you are like most homeowners with small kitchen spaces, cooking in your small kitchen can be a considerable inconvenience. You are constantly bumping into cabinets, there is never enough counter space, and the refrigerator is always in the way. It only makes sense that you have been wishing for a solution. Good news! Even the tiniest kitchens can be transformed into spacious and efficient cooking spaces.

Having a small space to manage your kitchen does not mean that you have to sacrifice form for function and vice versa. A professional contractor expert in designing small kitchens can get you the best of both worlds and get it done right the first time.  From adequate storage space and counter space to accessibility, welcoming ambiance, and enough seating, expert guidance and assistance will make everything possible — in a personalized, professional approach.

This blog post will cover everything about the design ideas and techniques for small kitchens. As you read further, you will understand that square footage is not entirely your constraint. The key is to work smartly with what you have. This means that every element from the kitchen layout design and choice of materials to appliances, construction, and final installation, should be carefully considered. Below are the tested and true expert ideas and techniques that have made small kitchens fully functional, spacious, inviting, and stylish.

Work with scale and proportion.

Two of the most critical design considerations for small kitchens are scale and proportion. Scale refers to the size of the elements in the room. You may want to consider smaller-scale furniture, such as slimline cabinets and islands that will not make the room feel cramped, and appliances of smaller models, such as a single sink, mini freezer, mini dishwasher, and mini microwave, rather than the regular big sizes.

Proportion refers to the relationship between these elements. Carefully considering the proportion of different elements can help to create a sense of balance and openness in a small space. For example, placing slimline cabinets higher on the walls with a slimline countertop at the base of the wall can make a small kitchen feel more airy and open. Likewise, you can combine barstools with your slimline breakfast table instead of regular chairs to create a balance between these pieces of furniture while also maximizing space. A professional contractor would consider all these elements during the design stage of the remodeling process. They would measure out the entire space to decide on the scale of furniture and appliances in proportion to each other and to the overall size of the space.

Get creative with every nook and cranny.

Where you see are nooks and crannies, an expert designer sees opportunities for storage or befitting spaces for kitchen furniture. Rather than wasting such spaces, with slight creativity, every corner can be utilized to its full potential and even become a focal point in the room. For example, the wall space between the counter and wall cabinet is often underutilized. It can hang spoons, mugs, and pans from racks or pegboards. And if you love art, you may adorn the space with kitchen wall art.

If you have the space, consider hiding your fridge within the cabinetry for a streamlined look, and instead of worrying about space for a regular dishwasher, consider a small-scale dishwashing drawer that can be installed just beneath your sink to fit the little empty corner. Once you have it in your mind that every nook and cranny counts, all you will see is how functional and elegant your small kitchen can get.

Opt for multi-purpose appliances and furniture.

You do not have to feel limited by a small kitchen. Having a small kitchen does not mean you can not have all the furniture and appliances found in a large kitchen. Multi-purpose appliances and furniture can make your kitchen as functional as any large kitchen while also helping save space. For example, a kitchen island can function as a prep area, dining table, and storage space while saving square footage. Similarly, instead of opting for a traditional oven and microwave and accepting that your counter space will be significantly minimized, you can get a combination microwave that can also bake. This way, you will not have to sacrifice functionality for space. And, you will appreciate having fewer kitchen devices to keep tidy and organized.

Invest in movable and folding furniture.

Movable and folding furniture are simple solutions to help you make the most of your small kitchen. This way, you can easily create more space when you need it and tuck them away when you do not. For example, instead of having a permanent island, you can go for a mobile kitchen island that can be used as prep space, moved around to change the layout of the room as needed, or placed outside the kitchen to create more space for movement whenever you have more traffic flow in the kitchen. In addition, prep tables and kitchen breakfast chairs that can be easily folded to more minor scales when not in use can make a big difference in how spacious your small kitchen feels — freeing up valuable floor space.

Maximize storage with smart solutions.

One of the biggest worries of homeowners with small kitchens is finding enough storage space. For you, it can just feel like there is not enough space. Still, a professional contractor, on the other hand, is familiar with this problem during small kitchen remodels and can help solve your problem with a few smart storage solutions. For example, pull-out shelves and cabinet roll-outs can be incorporated into your design. They are great for storing spices, cookbooks, and small appliances and provide easier access to bulky items like pots and pans whenever needed. This will maximize your space and keep your kitchen from being cluttered.  If you are short on counter space, you may want to add an over-the-sink shelf to store frequently used items and get a multi-tiered spice rack to save counter space.

Furthermore, take advantage of vertical space. One of the best ways to do this in a small kitchen is to stretch cabinets up high. This can provide extra storage for seldom-used items, freeing up valuable counter space. Another option is to hang pots and pans from a fancy ceiling-mounted rack. This frees up space in your cabinets and also makes it easier to grab what you need when you are in the middle of cooking. Aside from keeping your pot within reach, a ceiling-mounted rack will add an elegant touch to your kitchen. A small kitchen does not mean you can not add some style while prioritizing function.

Make the most of your Light.

Light it up! Get creative with both natural light and artificial light. Natural sunlight can make a small space feel more open and airy, while with thoughtful planning, artificial light will not only brighten up the space but can create a personalized and inviting atmosphere.

Let in as much natural light as possible by including plenty of windows and a perfect skylight. This ensures that your kitchen is airy and well-lit during the day. Mirrors are another great way to reflect natural light and create the appearance of a larger room. You can bounce natural light around the room by placing a mirror opposite or beside a window.

When it comes to artificial lighting, be sure to use a mix of task, accent, recessed ceiling, and general overhead lighting. For example, under-cabinet lights are ideal as task lighting because they provide focused light for activities such as chopping veggies on your countertop or reading recipes; recessed ceiling lights will generally brighten up the room and make it airy — these round LED lights are perfect for small kitchens because they are compact, while a unique pendant light above your island or some pretty sconces flanking your cabinets can add personality and interest to your small kitchen space. These lighting measures brighten your kitchen to enhance visibility and create an illusion of an ample space.

Invest in built-in appliances.

Built-in appliances take up less visual space than freestanding appliances and can be customized to fit your unique layout. For example, built-in dishwashers can be installed beneath your countertop, freeing up valuable floor space; built-in ovens and microwaves can be seamlessly integrated into your cabinetry, creating a sleek and streamlined look, while your compact fridge can be tucked away behind a cabinet door. The right placement for these appliances would have been considered and incorporated into the kitchen design layout. This way, you can trust that the remodel is done right the first time.

Hire a trustworthy contractor to handle your small kitchen remodeling.

Small kitchens can be a challenge to remodel. You want to create a functional and stylish space, but you also have to be mindful of the limited square footage. Such undertaking needs a professional contractor specializing in small kitchen remodeling and renovations that you can trust to have the experience and expertise to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Your decision must be made based on proper vetting — they must be licensed and certified to ensure you are protected in case of any accidents or damage during construction. In addition, look out for positive client reviews concerning customer service and job delivery. This way, you can trust that they will be able to provide you with expert advice and follow the standard approach throughout the remodeling process.

A professional contractor guarantees that you will get a design and build service, which promises accountability from planning, layout designing, and material sourcing to construction and finishes. In addition to working with kitchen designers, the team will include certified and licensed architects, plumbers, electricians, and every other professional you need for a perfect job. By ensuring you get a contractor that checks all these requirements, you can trust that your kitchen remodel will be perfect in form and function.

A professional contractor will draw up a floor plan, get the layout right, help with budgeting, and balance form and functionality in the design while prioritizing your needs. They will also help you carefully decide on the final look of your small kitchen space, get materials from tested and trusted suppliers and follow the standard construction process and safety measures until they attain the standard precision at the end of the job.

Wrapping up

Here at RA Cooks Renovations, we specialize in all kitchen remodeling projects, including small kitchen remodeling. Our services span across the Dayton, OH, area to Miami Valley. We value high-quality workmanship and remain committed to building lasting working relations with our clients, as we have been doing for over a decade. From our gallery and customer reviews, you will see that our jobs and milestones in the industry already speak for us. Most of our clients come from repeat customers and referrals, which is a testament to the quality of our work. From the start of your layout design, all through construction to installation, we care about getting everything right “the first time.” We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your vision for your new kitchen becomes a reality. A professional contractor expert in designing small kitchens can get you the best of both worlds and get it done right the first time. To start your project, schedule a free consultation today!

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