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Feeling the crisp air in the morning means that fall is here, with winter shortly following. The question is whether your roof is ready for the cold weather? Believe it or not, your home is affected by the cold the same way you are. You unconsciously tense up your body when you go out into the cold because you’re trying to keep yourself warm. The materials used to build the house naturally constrict with the cold weather. If your roof is older, it could be susceptible to high winds, ice dams, and more. The worst thing is that you may not realize there’s an issue until the Spring when there is extensive damage and a costly repair bill. Here are a few common issues to keep an eye out for this winter.

How Winter Affects Your Roof 3

● Snow, Ice, & Water Stress: Not all snow is light, fluffy flakes. It may start as fluffy flakes, but as more snow comes down, it gets packed in, especially if ice is involved. Snow and ice can build up on your roof, adding a considerable amount of weight to the house. Your roof has a weight-bearing capacity. If it’s exceeded because of the snow, not only could the roof bow in and crack, but it could allow water to leak in as the snow melts or cause damaging ice issues.

● Ice Damming: Ice dams can cause more problems than you realize. Once snow and ice begin to melt, the water will trickle down the roof either getting caught in ice dams, creating icicles, or seeping into your roof damaging the interior of your home, and more. This is because not all the snow and ice melt at a consistent rate, creating ice dams. The melted liquid has nowhere to go. The best prevention to combat ice dams is to ensure the attic is properly vented so the warm air can escape and the cold air can get in.

● Attic Condensation: That vent will also keep the attic condensation down to a minimum. If ice damming occurs, then the warm air in the house hits the cold air outside, it can create condensation throughout the room. Even if you don’t have an active leak, condensation build could be enough moisture to promote mold, mildew, etc.

● Wind Damage: Heavy winds during a summer thunderstorm are back, but it’s even worse with a snowstorm. Wind can loosen and break shingles, causing them to go missing. This will expose your roof to the snow and ice, causing significant water damage as it leaks into the house.

How Winter Affects Your Roof 4

Don’t be caught off guard this winter. If you think your roof might be vulnerable to the snowy season, contact RA Cooks Renovations today!

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The Cost Breakdown Of A Roof Repair https://racooksrenovations.com/the-cost-breakdown-of-a-roof-repair https://racooksrenovations.com/the-cost-breakdown-of-a-roof-repair#respond Wed, 26 Aug 2020 19:42:56 +0000 https://racooksrenovations.com/?p=1472

Roof repairs can be stressful, especially if it’s unexpected. What’s even more concerning is that bill that follows that repair, even if it is a necessity. While each job is different depending on the repairs, a good contractor can get you an estimate after accessing what needs to be done. There should be no surprise expenses and if something does come up, the contractor should tell you immediately so you can make the decision on how to continue. At RA Cooks Renovations, we want to help you feel as comfortable as possible, especially if the unexpected happens and you do need a new roof or a roofing repair. Here is a breakdown of what needs to be repaired and where exactly your money is going.

What determines the repair cost?

● Roof Type: The type of roof you have will determine how much the replacement materials cost.

● Permits: Your county or city may require a permit to have the repairs done. Generally, the roofer will add that cost into the final bill, but some contractors need you to get the permit with them.

The Cost Breakdown Of A Roof Repair 7

How much of the roof needs to be repaired?

The amount of damage that needs to get fixed will affect that final bill. Only a few shingles needing to be replaced will be less expensive than needing part of the wood replaced before any of the underlayment and shingles can be added back in. A few things that cause the biggest cost would be:

● Water Damage is the biggest culprit for roof repairs. The smallest gap is enough of an opening for water to get under the roof and into the framework. If this is the case, repair costs will be higher, because that damaged wood needs to be replaced. The sooner you get the repair done, the less you’ll have to have replaced.

● Special Features include things like chimneys, solar tube lights, skylights, and more. These features can be tricky to fix with the rest of your roof repair. Your contractor should tell you right away if they will be able to fix it or if a separate contractor will be needed.

How to save money on repairs?

The Cost Breakdown Of A Roof Repair 8

● Find the right roofer who you trust and give you the most for your money. Do your research, look at their website focusing on their services and gallery, look at reviews, and more. Don’t just go with the first roofer you see or hear about.

● Do some of the lighter work yourself, but be careful about it. You might be able to remove some of the damaged shingles on your own, especially if you’re trying to figure out where a leak is.

When it comes down to it, RA Cooks Renovations is the ideal roofing contractor to help you feel comfortable with your project from start to finish. We offer a roofing service that is second-to-none, with the results you deserve. Don’t go for anything less than the best! Call us today!

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The Process of Installing A Roof https://racooksrenovations.com/the-process-of-installing-a-roof https://racooksrenovations.com/the-process-of-installing-a-roof#respond Mon, 27 Jul 2020 19:12:27 +0000 https://racooksrenovations.com/?p=1439

Having a new roof installed or repaired is a big project. Every contractor will have their own method of getting the job done. A good contractor, like us at RA Cooks Renovations, follows a set of rules not only for the safety of the crew but for speed, minimal cleanup, and the satisfaction of you as the client. Each roof and each home is unique. When we get onsite we will explain step-by-step what your roof needs specifically, but here is a rundown of what to expect when you hire us to handle your roof installation.

Step One – Protecting Your Home: Debris from the roof will be getting thrown down to the to be collected for the trash. We try to keep pieces together and in an orderly fashion, but sometimes the wind or the piece itself works against us. We will make it an effort to protect your windows, siding, landscaping, patio, and other areas of your home as we work. During the installation process, as a precaution, we’ll ask you to bring any potted plants, lawn furniture, or any other objects that can easily be moved either inside the house or away from the house so nothing gets damaged. We’ll also ask that you move your vehicle out of the way for the same reason.

Step Two – Removing the Old Roof: Once everything is protected, we’re going to remove the old shingles, especially ones that are damaged in any way.
Step Three – Inspect the Decking: Once the shingles are removed we’ll be able to see the condition of the wood underneath and determine how solid and usable the pieces are. If we notice any wet, soft, or rotting pieces we’ll replace them at this time.

Step Four – Preparing for the New Roof: After the decking is fixed, if it’s needed, and is ready to go drip edges and underlayment are installed. Drip edges are designed to prevent any rain or melted snow from getting into the roofing materials, which mainly means the wood. The underlayment is another form of protection for the wood from rain and ice. Both of these will extend the lifespan of your roof. The last piece will be the roofing felt, which prevents any of the shingles from sticking directly to the wood. While the wood is an essential part of your roof, it’s extremely important that it stays protected.

Step Five – Installing the Final Pieces: This is the last step of the installation process. We’ll be installing the shingles or whatever other material you might have chosen, such as metal. At this point, you’ll see the final product taking shape.
Step Six – The Clean Up: We’ll clean up everything from the roof, especially the pieces that got away from the pile. Your yard will be scoured for any nails or debris that might be hiding in the grass as well. After that, we’ll haul away trash and dispose of it properly. We’ll also perform one last inspection to ensure your roof is up to functioning properly.

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Tips For Expanding The Lifespan Of Your Roof https://racooksrenovations.com/tips-for-expanding-the-lifespan-of-your-roof https://racooksrenovations.com/tips-for-expanding-the-lifespan-of-your-roof#respond Mon, 29 Jun 2020 13:00:02 +0000 https://racooksrenovations.com/?p=1155

Have you recently replaced the roof of your home, or are thinking about getting it done soon? As we’ve said in previous blogs (check out Signs It’s Time For A New Roof), the roof is crucial for making your house a home. With the proper maintenance, your roof can handle almost anything from weather to UV rays and more. If it’s not properly taken care of, the lifespan of your roof could be less than it’s supposed to be. All it takes are a few steps, such as keeping after the gutter or clearing off debris, to expand your roof’s lifespan. Here’s what you need to do:

Clean out the gutters: Gutters are designed to guide rain and melted snow away from the roof, and down to the ground. When the gutters are clogged, the water either goes over the edge creating a waterfall effect, or into the seams of the roof, causing damage to the wood underneath. Ensuring that your gutters are clean is essential to roof life. One way to help prevent build up is to have gutter guards installed.

Tips For Expanding The Lifespan Of Your Roof 13
Tips For Expanding The Lifespan Of Your Roof 14

Get a regular inspection: Obviously, you’re not going up onto your roof regularly, so you might not have any idea what’s going on. This is where an inspection can help out. The inspector will be able to notice any missing or cracked shingles, broken flashing, loose granules, and more. It’s recommended to get your roof inspected once a year to keep on top of any issues that might turn up.

Keep off debris: Don’t let too much debris build up on the roof. If you have a tree close by, keep the branches away from the roof to avoid damaging the shingles. This damage could be anything such as scratches or knocking them loose. You might need to have the tree trimmed or removed altogether, depending on its age. 

Tips For Expanding The Lifespan Of Your Roof 15
Tips For Expanding The Lifespan Of Your Roof 16

Proper ventilation & insulation: You can help your roof even from the inside! Having adequate ventilation and insulation throughout the attic helps regulate the temperature in the house. This is key to prevent mold, mildew, ice dams, and other issues that might pop up. 

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What To Do After A Storm Has Damaged Your Roof https://racooksrenovations.com/what-to-do-after-a-storm-has-damaged-your-roof https://racooksrenovations.com/what-to-do-after-a-storm-has-damaged-your-roof#respond Wed, 06 May 2020 18:54:15 +0000 https://racooksrenovations.com/?p=1143
With the upcoming warmer weather comes the warmer weather storms. This means rainstorms, hailstorms, wind storms, and more. Unfortunately this can be highly detrimental to your roof. However, there’s no need to panic if your roof suffers some sort of damage during a storm. So what can damage your roof, and how do you handle the situation after it passes? Read on to learn more!

How Can Storms Affect Your Roof?

  • Wind can be strong enough to lift and remove shingles. Any water will have access to the wood underneath that could lead to water damage or rotting wood.
  • Hail can impact the integrity of the roof with dents and holes left in the shingles and the structure underneath.
  • Rain is probably the most damaging, especially heavy rain. The rain can push its way into the internal structure of the roof. This leads to leaks, mold, rot, and structural damage.

What You Can Do:

  • Inspect the shingles to see if any are missing or damaged.
  • Make sure the flashing is still along the chimneys, vents, edges of the roof, and skylights.
  • The sealant should not be loose or peeling.
  • Check for any water damage in the attic or ceilings .
We highly suggest having a roofing professional inspect the damage done to your home or business after a heavy storm. We can help eliminate any questions, and provide you with a more in depth analysis of damage. Call our team today to help you keep your shingles on, and damage to a minimum!
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Signs It’s Time For a New Roof https://racooksrenovations.com/signs-its-time-for-a-new-roof https://racooksrenovations.com/signs-its-time-for-a-new-roof#respond Tue, 31 Mar 2020 16:00:16 +0000 https://racooksrenovations.com/?p=1132

Your roof is one of the essential parts of your home. It keeps you and your family safe from the elements outside, as well as protected from other various dangers. While it can take years, your roof wears down just like any other part of the house. Replacing a roof can be costly, but the sooner you replace it, the less money you will spend avoiding issues like rotting wood, leaks, structural damage, and more! Here’s how you can tell you need to invest in a new roof:

● Shingles Are Peeling or Curling: Since the shingles are always getting hit with the elements season after season, it’s no surprise that they can wear out. When it’s at the end of their time, you’ll notice your shingles will be peeling or curling up.

● Missing Shingles: With the age of your roof, shingles don’t just curl, they loosen and go missing entirely. They can get blown away with rain or wind storms. Missing shingles will expose the wood underneath.

Signs It's Time For a New Roof 19
Signs It's Time For a New Roof 20

● Leaking: Even if you can’t see damage to your shingles, a leaking roof is a considerable indication your roof needs to be replaced. Even if the leak is small, there still might be rotted, damaged wood. You might notice your ceiling is discolored where the water has gathered.

● Problems In Your Attic: All attics should have some form of insulation to keep the inside temperature regulated. If there is a draft even with proper insulation, it means there’s an issue with the roof.

If you think your roof needs a little TLC, contact us today!

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Kitchen Renovation Trends https://racooksrenovations.com/kitchen-renovation-trends https://racooksrenovations.com/kitchen-renovation-trends#respond Fri, 28 Feb 2020 14:00:45 +0000 https://racooksrenovations.com/?p=1115

With each new year, there’s a variety of awesome kitchen renovation trends for your home upgrades. These could range from timeless classics coming back into style, or newer, more innovative trends that can bring ease to your design. From lighting to color suggestions and fixtures, we have a few trends that we absolutely love when it comes to a new look for your home. Here are five ways to take your kitchen to the next level in the new decade! 

● Mixed Lighting: Lights are essential for any room. Remodeling your home can allow you to have a little more fun within your design. You can have a central, overhead lighting; then have smaller accent lights for specific areas, like the countertops, the stove, sink, and more. Generally, these lights are on two different switches so you can determine how much light you need.

Kitchen Renovation Trends 24

● Bright Ranges: We’re used to seeing white, black, and stainless steel ranges. These are timeless colors that never go wrong. However, it’s time to change it up! Try going with a gorgeous yellow, orange, or red to make a bold statement in your kitchen.

● Hidden Appliances: When you think about hiding an appliance, it’s probably small ones that can easily be put away. However the new trend includes your larger pieces including your refrigerator or dishwasher. Disguise them with custom paneling, or you can include built-in appliances between or within your cabinetry.

● Wood Grains: Wood grain tones offer a classic, cozy look to your home. You can easily mix-and-match the wood tones with your base theme color. Adding lighter wood cabinets or an off-white countertop to a darker theme (and vice versa) can provide depth and dimension to your kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation Trends 25
Kitchen Renovation Trends 26

Everything Has A Place: Storage is a must when it comes to any kitchen. Plan out where you want to store everything, especially the bigger appliances such as mixers, coffee machines, and more. Don’t struggle to try to figure out where you’re going to put everything after the renovation. Plan ahead!

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Thanks For Checking Out Our Blog! https://racooksrenovations.com/thanks-for-checking-out-our-blog https://racooksrenovations.com/thanks-for-checking-out-our-blog#respond Thu, 20 Feb 2020 16:46:31 +0000 https://racooksrenovations.com/?p=1069

Welcome to the RA Cooks Renovations blog page. We’re so glad you’ve decided to join us. Here you will find information about kitchen renovation trends, signs it’s time for a new roof, bathroom design trends, and much more.

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In 2008, RA Cooks Renovations started this fantastic family-owned business has built up our reputation based on our reliable service and our quality of work. We are a fully licensed and insured contractor know for our excellent relationships with our homeowners and competitive pricing.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our emails to stay up-to-date on the latest tips and trends that we provide. Also, check out our reviews, and see some of our previous projects in our projects!

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Terrance S.

We had two separate work crews ,doing our new front porch and new floors , both crews were very professional and their goals were to make sure we were happy with all work done.
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J. Hughey

When Ronnie came out to give us the estimate, he was very personable and gave us other suggestions about other materials we hadn’t thought about. He acted as if he had our interest at heart and really wanted to do the work. His estimate was the best…We were really happy with the final product. We would highly recommend R.A. Cooks Renovations.
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