Feeling the crisp air in the morning means that fall is here, with winter shortly following. The question is whether your roof is ready for the cold weather? Believe it or not, your home is affected by the cold the same way you are. You unconsciously tense up your body when you go out into the cold because you’re trying to keep yourself warm. The materials used to build the house naturally constrict with the cold weather. If your roof is older, it could be susceptible to high winds, ice dams, and more. The worst thing is that you may not realize there’s an issue until the Spring when there is extensive damage and a costly repair bill. Here are a few common issues to keep an eye out for this winter.

● Snow, Ice, & Water Stress: Not all snow is light, fluffy flakes. It may start as fluffy flakes, but as more snow comes down, it gets packed in, especially if ice is involved. Snow and ice can build up on your roof, adding a considerable amount of weight to the house. Your roof has a weight-bearing capacity. If it’s exceeded because of the snow, not only could the roof bow in and crack, but it could allow water to leak in as the snow melts or cause damaging ice issues.

● Ice Damming: Ice dams can cause more problems than you realize. Once snow and ice begin to melt, the water will trickle down the roof either getting caught in ice dams, creating icicles, or seeping into your roof damaging the interior of your home, and more. This is because not all the snow and ice melt at a consistent rate, creating ice dams. The melted liquid has nowhere to go. The best prevention to combat ice dams is to ensure the attic is properly vented so the warm air can escape and the cold air can get in.

● Attic Condensation: That vent will also keep the attic condensation down to a minimum. If ice damming occurs, then the warm air in the house hits the cold air outside, it can create condensation throughout the room. Even if you don’t have an active leak, condensation build could be enough moisture to promote mold, mildew, etc.

● Wind Damage: Heavy winds during a summer thunderstorm are back, but it’s even worse with a snowstorm. Wind can loosen and break shingles, causing them to go missing. This will expose your roof to the snow and ice, causing significant water damage as it leaks into the house.

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