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Kitchen Renovation Trends

With each new year, there’s a variety of awesome kitchen renovation trends for your home upgrades. These could range from timeless classics coming back into style, or newer, more innovative trends that can bring ease to your design. From lighting to color suggestions and fixtures, we have a few trends that we absolutely love when it comes to a new look for your home. Here are five ways to take your kitchen to the next level in the new decade!

Mixed Lighting: Lights are essential for any room. Remodeling your home can allow you to have a little more fun within your design. You can have a central, overhead lighting; then have smaller accent lights for specific areas, like the countertops, the stove, sink, and more. Generally, these lights are on two different switches so you can determine how much light you need.

Bright Ranges: We’re used to seeing white, black, and stainless steel ranges. These are timeless colors that never go wrong. However, it’s time to change it up! Try going with a gorgeous yellow, orange, or red to make a bold statement in your kitchen.

Hidden Appliances: When you think about hiding an appliance, it’s probably small ones that can easily be put away. However the new trend includes your larger pieces including your refrigerator or dishwasher. Disguise them with custom paneling, or you can include built-in appliances between or within your cabinetry.

Wood Grains: Wood grain tones offer a classic, cozy look to your home. You can easily mix-and-match the wood tones with your base theme color. Adding lighter wood cabinets or an off-white countertop to a darker theme (and vice versa) can provide depth and dimension to your kitchen.

Everything Has A Place: Storage is a must when it comes to any kitchen. Plan out where you want to store everything, especially the bigger appliances such as mixers, coffee machines, and more. Don’t struggle to try to figure out where you’re going to put everything after the renovation. Plan ahead!

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