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Mid-Year Kitchen Design Trends

We are almost halfway through 2022. Boy, does time fly when you are having fun. We are having a ball designing dream spaces for homeowners in Dayton, OH area. A dominant trend is homeowners in Dayton, OH area want in their new kitchens to be multifunctional.  Kitchens have become a more important epicenter in the home serving as the place where family members work, play, network, eat, relax and, yes, prepare meals.  Homeowners in Dayton, OH area also want their new dream kitchens to reflect their sense of style and personal tastes resulting in beautiful spaces that meet their individual needs.

We are finding that homeowners in Dayton, OH area are making personal design statements in their new kitchens by mixing different materials and textures in the space.  They are attracted to designs featuring combinations of wood, metal, quartz, stone, glass, brass, and even concrete.  Mixing materials brings a vibrant energy to the kitchen.

Not all white is alright!  While white kitchens tend to be preferred by many homeowners in Dayton, OH area, we are finding that our clients are drawn to pops of color in their new kitchens that enable them to bring a sense of the outdoors into an interior space.  Homeowners in Dayton, OH area are opting for green and blue toned cabinetry and using color in different and unconventional ways. Homeowners in Dayton, OH area also are incorporating color into countertops, opting for veined quartz and colorful stone.

Use of stone for sinks, pulls, window surrounds, and backsplash is another trend among homeowners in Dayton, OH area.  Incorporating stone in novel applications helps to create a more cohesive and layered look in a new kitchen.

Demand for enclosed kitchens has increased significantly as more of our clients and family members are working or studying from their kitchens, and they appreciate the opportunity for private spaces.

What trends would you like to capitalize upon to create the kitchen of your dreams?  Give us a call at (937) 519-3458 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 1922 S Smithville Rd Kettering OH 45420, and let us show you how you can create a dream kitchen that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

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