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Many homes in Dayton, Ohio have long narrow bathrooms with a single sink, toilet and shower tub combination. Homeowners in Dayton, Ohio may believe that these common long, narrow baths have limited ability to shine and become the pride and joy not only of their homes, but also the entire neighborhood. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because we have designed hundreds of baths, we know how to make smaller space appear larger and also more functional and beautiful.

A key to making a small bath appear larger is to create focal points that attract the eye to highlight the length of the room instead of its narrow width. Focal points can be created using a bright patterned tile on the floor and or tub/shower wall; use of cool, light bright colors, think of beiges, creams, peach, eggshell, etc.; or at the opposite end of the spectrum dark-colored high gloss paints that serve to bounce light off the walls and focus the eye on the faucet, light fixtures, mirrors or even shelving.

Another technique to make smaller spaces appear larger is to mirror a wall, backlight a wall mirror or use multiple mirrors in the space. Another design technique to open a narrow space is to specify wall mounted vanities and toilets and use light colors with lots of textural elements.

New technology advancements enable homeowners to eliminate the need for a shower enclosure. Using linear drains that are sloped in one direction not only eliminates the need for an enclosure, you can also part ways with a shower door and shower curtain to create an open floor plan bathroom similar in benefits to an open floorplan kitchen.

Tile can be a small bathroom’s best friend. In smaller baths, we recommend using smaller tiles on bathroom walls and floors and often specify using the same tile for the walls and floors to open up the space. Additional opportunities to make smaller baths appear larger include:

  • Adding niches in the shower/tub area
  • Specifying corner sinks
  • Include storage solutions in the vanity
  • Add shelves
  • Wall mount the faucet
  • Add windows or a skylight
  • Use the area underneath a wall mounted sink for storage

Need additional ideas on how you can convert a long narrow bath into the favorite room in your home? Give us a call at 937-699-5771 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 4794 South Dixie Dr, Ste. A, Moraine, OH 45439.

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