RA Cooks

Plato Kitchen Remodel

Project Location: Kettering, OH


The cabinetry, once considered stylish, had lost its charm over time. The cabinets exhibited signs of wear and tear, with faded finishes and hardware that no longer sparkled. Their design, while once functional, had become inefficient, leaving precious storage space underutilized.

Project Completed: 2022


The “before” photos are a testament to the transformation of this kitchen. With a renewed sense of purpose, we design and built a stunning space that embodies the unwavering commitment to cultivating a home that exudes comfort. This journey from outdated to an exquisite kitchen is a testament to the potential that existed all along. We are honored to play a part in bringing the homeowner’s vision to life.


Among the most noticeable elements were the appliances that had faithfully served your family for years. However, their outdated appearance and limited functionalities were becoming more of a hindrance than a convenience. These old appliances not only affected the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal but also its overall efficiency and performance.