RA Cooks

Referral Program

Thank you for your business and continued support.

There is no greater honor than having our past clients recommend us. Much of RA Cooks Renovations’ growth and success can be attributed to our clients simply telling their friends, neighbors, and family members about our services. To show our appreciation, we would like to invite you to participate in our exclusive Client Referral Program.

For each referral you send us that turns into a signed contract, you will receive a reward equal to 1% of the original signed contract once the project is completed and paid in full. For example, if your referral signs a contract for a $100,000 kitchen remodel project, you will receive a reward of $1,000.  

Step 1.

Get in Touch

Call or send us an e-mail to let us know that you’re sending a referral. (OR Complete Online Form)

Step 2.

Spread the Word

Tell your friend to inform us that you referred them when they first contact our team.

Step 3.


We will meet with the person that you referred to learn more about their project.

Step 4.

Get Your Reward

You receive your referral reward once they sign a contract and all work is completed and paid in full!

Rules and Stipulations

  • 1% will be paid from the original signed contract. Change orders or subsequent contracts not included.
  • Reward is paid at the end of the job, after project completion and payment is received in full.
  • The referral must be brought to RA Cooks Renovations’ attention either before or no later than the first meeting with the potential client.
  • Payment over $600.00 will require a W-9 to be filled out and a 1099 issued as per IRS rules as they apply.
  • The sponsor shall have the right to terminate, modify, and suspend the program at any time without notice.
  • Referral Program does not apply to insurance work.