RA Cooks

Signalfire Kitchen Remodel

Project Location: Centerville, OH


Embarking on this kitchen remodel wasn’t just about updating the space; it was about investing in a lifestyle that supports and enhances this growing family’s growth. The combination of timeless white shaker style cabinetry, functional layout, and smart design choices ensures their kitchen will evolve along with their growing family, providing a space that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

Project Completed: 2021


The cabinetry, once considered stylish, had lost its charm over time. The cabinets exhibited signs of wear and tear, with faded finishes and hardware that no longer sparkled. Their design, while once functional, had become inefficient for your growing family’s needs, leaving precious storage space underutilized.


Our understanding of kitchen design use an Human Factors Engineering element The white shaker style cabinets modernizes the look while still keeping it timeless. Overall, this kitchen is perfect for those who need extra counter space with an updated and modern look.