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It’s been a year since COVID-19 confined many homeowners Dayton, Ohio to their homes and changed the way homes function, feel and act. Many of our clients homes operate 24/7, blurring the lines between rest, family life and work. Homes have been transformed with many spaces transformed to uses that were never previously imagined. Guest bedrooms have become offices, backyards fitness centers, basements daycare centers and dining room tables desks. We’ve heard from clients Dayton, Ohio that they are tired of their homes and their homes are tired of them. It’s been a time of awakening and an opportunity for change.

Many of our clients Dayton, Ohio have realized that their tired homes need a shot of adrenalin. They don’t particularly want to share with their coworkers images of their bedrooms. We’ve created more than a few smiles by showing homeowners how they can repurpose space to serve multiple functions and to create private areas out of space that previously serve little purpose. More importantly, we have helped homeowners in Dayton, Ohio create spaces for themselves, designing and building in-home spas that allow a few minutes devoid of texts, emails and family demands to wash away the stresses of the day and recharge batteries.

Kitchens also have been repurposed with homeowners in Dayton, Ohio gaining new appreciation and desire for storage solutions and organizational tools that allow for multiple activities to take place without overwhelming or cluttering the space. Never before in recent memory has more meal preparation taken place, giving new meaning and importance to the functionality of countertops, appliances and workflow.

The home has been transformed forever. If you want to give your home the shot of adrenalin it deserves by creating the kitchen and/or bath of your dreams, give us a call at 937-699-5810 to schedule your free FaceTime or Zoom consultation.

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