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COVID-19 has shown a bright light on the health and wellbeing of families in Dayton, Ohio. With many being confined to their homes for more than a year, designing for wellness has become top of mind. The role of the home has been transformed, serving multiple purposes such as office, warehouse, gym, assisted-living facility, school room and refuge. Many homeowners in Dayton, Ohio want and need their home to function more effectively and promote healthier lifestyles.

Two main rooms in the home where there are multiple opportunities to improve you and your families’ health and wellbeing are the bathroom and kitchen. Many homeowners in Dayton, Ohio have taken advantage of the opportunity to convert their primary bathroom into a personal spa by adding steam showers, saunas, wet rooms, multisensory showerheads, and thermostatic temperature control values where you set the water temperature for individual users and that temperature is achieve within 10 to 15 seconds of turning the water on.

There’s nothing more satisfying than stepping out of a shower, especially on cooler days, to a warm and toasty towel. We’ve seen a significant increase in demand for towel warmers and heated flooring systems. Not only do these amenities provide a luxurious experience, they also contribute to health and wellbeing by improving the thermal comfort of the bathroom, but also reduce moisture in a wet environment that helps deter the germs and mildew.

Being confined at home has spotlighted the need for personal spaces where homeowners in Dayton, Ohio can have a few minutes all to themselves and wash away the stresses of the day. In addition to multifunctional shower systems, homeowners in Dayton, Ohio are opting for soaking tubs that incorporate whirlpool and air systems in addition to light therapy (chromatherapy), aroma therapy and Bluetooth-enabled integrated speakers and sound systems to relax tired muscles and deliver a true spa experience not only in the bathroom but outdoors as well.

Key to effective wellness design is the ability to make homeowners’ lives easier, simpler and less stressful.  We are designing dream kitchens for homeowners in Dayton, Ohio with voice activated, app and Bluetooth-enabled appliances that make meal preparation, cooking and clean up easier and less stressful. Touch-free faucets and garbage cans reduce the potential for spreading germs. Water and air filtration, advanced ventilation systems and lighting all contribute to make a new kitchen healthier and easier to use.

How can you make your kitchen, bath and other rooms and spaces in your home healthier, easier to use and less stressful? Give us a call at 937-507-8768 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 4794 South Dixie Dr, Ste. A, Moraine, OH 45439.

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