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Your Kitchen Should Have Its Own Personality

A primary reason why many homeowners in Dayton, Ohio want to renovate their kitchens is that the space no longer works for them and they no longer work for the space. In many cases, the design and aesthetic don’t meet their needs or those of their families.

What type of dream kitchen will reflect your personality? If you are looking for the tried and true, a white palate might be the perfect fit. White is classic and one of the reasons why more than 50% of homeowners in Dayton, Ohio opt for white kitchens.
For homeowners in Dayton, Ohio that desire the clean lines and look of white cabinetry, we often recommend complementing the white palate with a bold backsplash of colored glass, patterned tiles or pops of accent color in countertops, wall coverings, faucets and cabinet hardware. Specifying a matte black finish to faucets and cabinet hardware helps to highlight and enhance the look and feel of white cabinetry.

Other options to offset white upper and lower cabinets is to extend the backsplash from the countertop to the ceiling to create a focal point that wows. Painting an island different colors or selecting a different color for lower cabinets that offsets white uppers are other common options to enhance white cabinetry. The choices are almost endless. Not only will a different color serve to soften the space, it also will make the kitchen more enjoyable to use.

Maximizing the space to fit your lifestyle and design sensibilities is another compelling reason to create a kitchen that reflects your personality. Clutter is another common feature of nonperforming kitchens. Kitchens at their core are places to prepare, cook and share meals. There should be adequate space to do so. A well designed kitchen is an organized kitchen. One of the biggest causes of buyer’s remorse among homeowners in Dayton, Ohio that recently renovated their kitchens was not investing more in storage solutions. Manufacturers have developed creative drawer and cabinet organizers when paired with in-cabinet lighting systems that not only provide effective storage but also makes everything more easily accessible.

For homeowners in Dayton, Ohio who frequently use countertop appliances, we often recommend appliance garages that allows you to easily access a toaster blender, food processor, etc. that can be easily hidden in cabinetry to free up counter space. Another option to store countertop appliances off the countertop is the use of pullout drawers in lower cabinets.

If your kitchen no longer works for you and you want to explore what it might take to create a kitchen that reflects your unique personality and lifestyle, give us a call at 937-507-8768 or make an appointment to visit our showroom at 4794 South Dixie Dr, Ste. A, Moraine, OH 45439.


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